Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Directors blog

We had a great night here at The Lightbox last night- over 200 people attended the gala evening and prize giving for the Surrey Open Art competition. The show looks simply lovely with work from over 40 artists ranging from photography, printmaking, painting to textiles and ceramics. lots of the work is for sale and is a great chance to purchase something really affordable. The winner was a wonderful 86 year old artist Ann Keys with a beautiful textile piece in amazing detail. Most of the artists brought along friends and family and there was a great buzz around the place.

There was also the chance to view the show Sea Pictures which very sadly will end on Sunday. This has been a perfect exhibition, so very tranquil with stunning pieces from Chris Ingram's collection. I do hope that everyone who hasn't yet seen it will come along this weekend as it will be such a shame to miss it, it really has been one of my very favourite exhibitions.

The exhibitions in the Upper Gallery are always really special- it's not a great big gallery but it has a wonderful calm atmosphere and because it's on the top floor away from the hustle of the main building you can get away from everything. I love watching people obviously taking a break from work at lunchtime enjoying the peace and quiet- that's what art is all about giving yourself time to just reflect and relax for a while.

Its been an interesting week so far as we have been taking part in a study by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation on how museums and galleries engage with their community. We have been chosen as one of the organisations studied and have been reflecting on the work we do - and how we could do it better or differently. Always good to step outside what you are doing and look at it from a different perspective.

Tomorrow we have a whole day of planning for our next Autumn exhibition 'Escape to Wonderland the World of Childrens Book Illustration'. It should be one of the most exciting we have ever shown, but lots of work to do before August when it opens!